White water

White Water - Dolna Banya has more than 8000 years history. The name comes from an ancient Thracian legend of the silver deposit, through which it passes. The content of silver ions in it confirms the ancient legend!

The chemical and mineral composition of the water is unique for Bulgaria. Characterized by low mineralization suitable for everyday use.



Water is life. It regulates the temperature in the body and is involved in every major life process of the transfer of all essential nutrients to the cells to protein synthesis. Not by chance about 70% of our body is water. Water helps the metabolism and we need good hydration to maintain the health throughout.

Everyday use of enough water maintains a complete function of the kidneys, increases efficiency, gives us energy and tranquility. Dehydration can result in heart rate, decreased blood pressure or muscle cramps in due to the reduction of calcium and magnesium in the blood. The daily water intake of at least 750 ml to 1 liter protects us from muscle weakness, dry eyes, nervousness and impaired concentration.



White water comes to you directly from the Rila Mountains National Reserve at a depth of 515 m. and a temperature of 21 ° C. Springing from a proven clean region, the natural mineral water has a mild flavor and exceptional curative and preventive properties.

The whole process from extraction to bottling is fully optimized and complies with all EU requirements and modern environmental standards for environmental protection. The production process is fully sealed and provides an additional guarantee of the purity of the water from source to consumption. Quality Specialists minutely are conducting microbiological and chemical analysis in our modern equipped laboratory.

Certificates: ISO, BS OHSAS, FSSC.

ANIONS mg/l mmol/l eq%
F 1,14 60 2904
Cl 3,01 85 4110
Br - - -
J - - -
SO42- 34570 360 34838
CO32 21,00 350 33885
HCO3 27,46 450 21791
HSiO3 0,69 9 433
HS 0 0 0
Mn2+ <0,01 0 0
NO3- <5,00 0 0
NO2+ <0,05 0 0
HPO42- - - - -

87,87 1314 ∽100,00
CATIONS mg/l mmol/l eq%
NH4+ <0,05 0 0
Li+ <0,05 0 0
Na+ 37,69 1639 92022
K+ 0,45 12 647
Ca2+ 2,61 65 7310
Mg2+ 0 0 0
Fe3+ 0,02 0 20

40,77 1716 ∽100,00