In 2015 we built a modern plant for bottling mineral water in Southeast Europe. White water is produced in the city. Dolna Banya at the foot of the Rila National Park. The whole process from extraction to bottling is fully consistent with EU requirements and all current environmental standards for environmental protection.

White water - Lower bathroom has a concession for use of water supply to the town. Dolna Banya at the foot of the Rila mountain with a term of 35 years. The factory is 100% owned by a U.S. based, registered company. The total area of ​​the plant is 3000 square meters consisting of 3 workshops, 3 bottling lines with a capacity of 10,000 bottles per hour and an average of 100 мillion liters annually.

The production process is closed, which is an additional guarantee of the purity of the products. For this hourly care quality assurance specialists. We have a well equipped laboratory conducting the microbiological and chemical analyzes of products. All processes are further optimized in accordance with EU requirements and BDS.



We believe that the legendary water gushing from the bowels of the Rila Mountain is a unique wealth. Our mission is to bestow the natural gift of the Dolna Banya to as many people possible while applying the best technology and business practices.

Our responsibility is to preserve the purity of White Water and strictly observe the requirements of the Bulgarian and European legislation. We implemented a system of environmental management ISO 14001: 2005 in an effort to always justify the trust of our customers. With most responsible attitude, we constantly analyze and control the environmental impact, improving the use of natural resources and energy, emitted emissions and waste generation.